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donderdag 11 mei

 of the Prodigal

Choreography: Jiri Sebastian Voborsky Costuming: Christina Hudson, Barbara Leonard, Andrea Payne


John Williams:
Naxos– An American Salute–
Spirit of the Nation ●
John Frizzel & Randy Edelman:
Gods & Generals Original
Motion Picture Soundtrack ● Lifescapes - Spirituals ●
Saint Saëns:
Samson et Dalila air et Danse Bacchanale ● Cindy Morgan & Carl Marsh: Streams ●
Czech Philharmonic Orchestra:
The Bartered Bride ●
Benny Goodman:
Sing, Sing, Sing ●
Thomas Bergersen:
Illusions ●
Veigar Margerisson:
Rise Above●
Two Steps from Hell:
Battle cry ●
Future World Music:
A Hero will Rise ●
Shannon Wexelberg:
"Story Of My Life" album ●
Leos Janácek : Sinfonietta:Allegretto ●
Josh Groban :
"Josh Groban" album ●
Fernando Ortega:
“Come O Redeemer Come” ● Boston Pops Orchestra:
The Celtic Album ●
Jonah Original Motion
Picture Soundtrack●

Story Line:

The ballet begins with the introduction of a family in a small town. The local townspeople gather as the wife reads the story of Joshua from the Bible. After a bitter argument the husband forsakes his family in a fit of rage to follow his selfish desires and indulge in the temptations of the world. Brokenhearted, the abandoned wife and daughter cry out to God for the salvation and restoration of the husband. Meanwhile, the husband waists all his money and possessions – leaving him with nothing except his wife’s small Bible. Hungry and desperate, he is forced to look for a job. The only job available is the dirty, difficult job of feeding pigs. Disillusioned, he realizes that life with his family was far better than his present situation, and he cries out to God for help. As he cries out, he realizes that God loves him and sent Jesus Christ to die for everything he has done wrong. He is forgiven and granted much hope. He starts reading the small Bible and comes across a story of Hosea and Gomer; a man with an unfaithful wife to whom Hosea shows great mercy. The husband realizes that God desires to show the same forgiveness to him that Hosea showed to Gomer. As a result, he returns home and his wife and daughter forgive him and embrace him with joy! Everyone celebrates as the family welcomes him home. God is truly a God of second chances.

Act 1

  • Overture
  • At the Town Square
  • Jericho
  • The Fight
  • Prayer
  • Wild Life
  • Life of Sin
  • In the Fields
  • Wheat
  • Harvest

Act 2

  • Pigs Pas De Quatre
  • Hopelessness
  • Salvation
  • Mercy Found
  • Hosea Story:
    • On the Streets
    • Purchase
    • Wedding
    • Walking Away
    • Forgiven
  • Return Home
  • Celebration
God of Second Chances
  • Reprise


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